Slanted: To the left or to the right? – II. Analysis

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Slanted: To the left or to the right? – II. Analysis

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This post will show several examples of how citizen journalists who rely on multiple news sources can compare and contrast on their own and publish the results on YouTube or equivalent.

See below how YouTube vlogger, Liberal Viewer, spliced together this video, added his narrative, and posed several provocative questions:

Again, Liberal Viewer highlighted several sound bites on Real Time with Bill Maher, added his dialogue, and again asked probing questions that brought viewers to respond in his comment section. See below his three-minute video:

For people who are suspicious of the so-called left-wing mainstream media or the vigilantes on the right-wing side, here is a perfect opportunity to be your own journalist. Construct your own compare-and-contrast videos and post them to your own blog and YouTube … you might encourage others to do the same. Maybe we can save ourselves with citizen journalism. It is worth a try … and while you are at it, you might realize just how tough it really is to be a journalist today.

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