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Recovery …

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Unfortunately, I had a car accident on 30 Jan 2010 … so, I haven’t been able to use my Vibram 5-finger shoes like I had originally planned. Oh, and the 43 inches of snow we got the following week, didn’t help matters either! But, after seeing my chiropractor and giving my body due rest … I am back out hitting the snow-free pavement! Woo-hoo!

I love these 5-fingers shoes … I can’t wait to see the new running model due to come out this spring! Must check on that next. I only ran 1 mile today and walked 2 more. So far, so good! I feel so short in them … I never realized that most athletic shoes have heels.

I will have to say … I love how stable I feel in these shoes. Prior to my accident, I ran on the treadmill in both on the same day. I felt totally unsteady in my old running shoes! Let’s hope the hip pain goes away with these new shoes. I’m also thinking of trying Chi-running! Anybody want to share their thoughts on that?

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