Chipper Jones and retirement? Already?

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Chipper Jones and retirement? Already?

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OMG, back in the early 90’s I used to work for Leader Enterprises, a sports marketing firm that represented Chipper Jones when he first started in the Big Leagues. I wrote the bio for his marketing packet. I negotiated a Charcoal Briquet deal for him in the middle of a baseball strike. I remember talking to the Jay Leno Show about having Orel Hershiser (who we also represented) on the show after the World Series in 1995. Leno really wanted Hershiser. However, when the Braves started to pull ahead in the series, I said they should consider having Chipper Jones on the show. They didn’t think he was a big enough star, yet. I faxed them articles that said otherwise. He was a ‘huge hit’ in Atlanta and his star status was gaining momentum around the US!

Within minutes of the final game when the Atlanta Braves were indeed the victors, I received a call from the Leno Show! Yes. You guessed it … they wanted Chipper Jones! 🙂

Oh, the good ole days … I just can’t believe that Chipper is close to retirement age. Sad. Ken Griffey Jr. retired this year and now General Manager Bobby Cox is leaving the Braves, too. I know Chipper will do what’s best for him … but, I will be sad to see him retire. Best of luck to you, Chipper! I’m sure he’ll go on to coach or something. Baseball is in his blood!

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