Go Zenyatta … Go Guinness Girl, Go!!

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Go Zenyatta … Go Guinness Girl, Go!!

Zenyatta - The Guinness Girl

(CBS/AFP/Getty Images)

I’ve never had an interest in horse racing until I saw this 60 Minutes story about Zenyatta! Here’s hoping that this amazing female horse will get her 20th win and go undefeated before she retires. If she wins today, she “might just be the greatest thoroughbred racehorse in history.” Interestingly, her trainer will give her a Guinness beer after a good workout in the afternoon. Hmmm. Zenyatta is particular though, the trainer has tried to offer her other brands of beer. But, this Diva insists on Guinness.

Zenyatta is the only female in the race – you go girl!! A special horse who was not so special at the beginning, she was sold at the auction at the ripe-old-age of one for a steal-deal because she had a rash. She was a late bloomer, it took her a long time to mature, and her trainer gave her the time to grow into her own. And that, she has done! I can’t wait to see the Guinness Girl on the run …

What a beautiful horse and a class act. Cheers for Zenyatta and her jokey, Mike Smith!!

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