Saudi voices challenging the status quo

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Saudi voices challenging the status quo

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I’m thrilled to see this forward thinking article by Dr. Khalid Alnowaiser, a Saudi lawyer and columnist: “Religious intolerance in Saudi Arabia – Enough is enough“.

Dr. Alnowaiser is a brave man to broach this subject. I hope his column is wide-read and that he gains respect for his attempt to have a discussion about religious fundamentalism. America is also full of judgmental religious zealots who need to examine their own misogynistic views and attitudes. It’s about time women worldwide are viewed as equals – in terms of rights and income (pay/salary)! Why, oh why are American women paid .77 cents for each dollar a man makes? Pathetic!! What kind of a world leader is that?! Like Dr. Alnowaiser said, “Enough is enough!”

I hope Saudi women and men stand behind this brave man … it’s time for change we can all believe in … on a worldwide scale!

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