The Stretches That Worked for Me

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The Stretches That Worked for Me

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Back in 2009, I was having horrible hip and sciatica pain. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, a sports medicine doc who was an athlete himself, I even talked to my endocrinologist about osteoporosis (had a Thyroidectomy back in 2003), and went to an osteopath. Had the osteopath maintained an office in MD, I would have stuck with him, but he was 500 miles away. I was given several diagnoses like bursitis and piriformis syndrome. But, there were no strong solutions. Just take Ibuprofin and rest. Great, so in order not to have pain, I screw up my liver. No thank you.

So, I googled like a mad woman in search of a cure for my aches and pains. During one of those google grabs, I found this simple video by a guy in his hotel room doing an equally simple stretch for Piriformis Syndrome. I tried it, and guess what … INSTANT RELIEF! Woo-hoo!! I no longer felt like I was 45 going on 90. I seriously thought I might be looking into a hip replacement. I felt old and feeble before my time. But, not any more.

Thankfully, I found this video. For a while I did the stretches every day. They really helped me and became part of my routine. Then, once I was over the worst of it, I slacked off. However, now whenever I tighten up after a run or as a result of doing legs at the gym, I do these handy little exercises for immediate relief. A BIG THANKS to the guy who decided to make this video. Because of him and my new love for Vibram FiveFinger shoes, I am back to running again. And, I have NO MORE CHRONIC HIP/SCIATICA PAIN! Life is good.



June 23, 2011at 10:27 am

Damn, after acupuncture and other things this was the best cure ever. Now if have sat too long and it creeps back I do these exercises again. Thank you soooooooo much.


    June 27, 2011at 6:46 pm

    You are most welcome, Jeannie! I’m so glad this simple exercise helped! I feel the same way! It’s been a game-changer for me! That and my Vibram running shoes have given me more years of running! Woo-hoo!!

    All the best,


October 5, 2011at 12:50 pm

OMGlenda!! You would die laughing if you witnessed how I was doing this over the phone with you last night. LOL . About a year ago I tore my piriformis doing ‘pistol squats’ (You’ll have to Google that one)….
I did these as part of my P.T exercises. I think everyone needs to stretch more, daily…Also ‘foam rolling’ really helped to.

Cheer’s Sandy


    October 6, 2011at 5:32 pm

    That’s hilarious, Sandy! OMG, I guess I won’t attempt to do anymore over-the-phone stretching sessions! We’ll have to Skype next time!! ha ha! Seriously, we should Skype! That would be such a hoot! 🙂 I love Skyping. Gees, I’m sure glad you didn’t injure yourself doing my stretch wrong! I’d never live that one down! 🙂 I just love this simple stretch … it did the trick for me! I hope you find what works for you, my dear! I hate it that you aren’t running these days. I agree stretching is the best! I need to do yoga more often … there’s a Tai Chi class I plan to start taking, too! So much to do … wish we lived close enough to do these things together! Miss you, my friend!!

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