Picture of Crack in Earth – Japan’s 8.9 Earthquake

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Picture of Crack in Earth – Japan’s 8.9 Earthquake

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A crack left in earth after Japan's 8.9 Earthquake

A crack left in earth after Japan's 8.9 Earthquake

Interesting picture of a crack in the earth due to Japan’s 8.9 earthquake on 11 March 2011. Picture posted by mitsu_1024 at: http://twitpic.com/48dazv.

I’m sure there will be many more devastating pix like this. I can’t imagine being on Japanese soil at the time the earthquake-tsunami hit. I can’t believe the pix of cars, trucks, boats, and buildings floating around like toys in dirty tub water. I’m still trying to grasp the reality like those who tried to grasp onto something for stability in the midst of the upheaval. Unsettling times…for sure.

What’s with the whirlpool off the coast of Japan? That’s totally freaky. I wonder what’s going on below to cause this reaction. I don’t remember seeing live footage or pix of that after the Tsunami in 2004.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Japanese as we watch, helpless. I only wish that thoughts could rescue people.

*I have not vetted the authenticity of this photo.


sunil machingal

March 11, 2011at 11:02 am

Awestruck by devastating power of nature in Japan. Thoughts & prayers are with those who lost loved ones, & those who wait in uncertainty.

Kay Nelson

May 16, 2011at 3:26 pm

Such a sad event on sooo many levels.
Praying for the people, & the country.

Andrew Williams

November 18, 2011at 3:47 pm

Hi Qglenda,

I recently wrote a rather filppant article about wishing the earth would open up and swallow the place where I work.

But these horrific photos do give me pause.

Thanks for sharing this. It seems the suffering in Nippon is without end.



    November 25, 2011at 8:39 am

    Hi Andrew,

    What a pleasure to hear from you – I absolutely love your blog!! When I need a lift, I check in. It’s refreshing to hear that someone else goes through the same crazy stuff at work … I wish I could share what happens at our ‘residence’, but due to a legal document, I can’t.

    I checked out your “flippant article” and had a good laugh!! You are hilarious! Of course, it helps that I can totally relate! 🙂

    I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.

    Stay in touch,

Andrew Williams

November 25, 2011at 10:48 pm

So nice to hear from you Glenda!

I’m under the same confidentiality agreement, although mine is ‘implied’ in the Employee Handbook, not a signed document.

Obfuscation is the only way I can write. And I have to bite my tongue every time I write, not to mention “who” fell over drunk in the floor this evening, and who went home with whom! Ha! It would rock D.C. for sure! But I just CAN’T. Like you! At least not yet! You know EXACTLY what I’m talking about!

And btw, I did NOT have a happy thanksgiving! HA! But thanks for the sentiment.

Please do stay in touch! Apparently we have scads in common! ROFLMAO!



    February 13, 2012at 12:15 pm

    Andrew, my friend! I’ve meant to write back for months. It’s been a roller coaster of late and all work-reLATEd! But now that things have settled down a bit, I’m finally resuming my Christmas holiday in Feb! Yeah, long story … disrupted plans, tons of stress … story of this house manager’s life!

    Oh my, obfuscation rules the way I communicate, as well! We really do have more than bits and pieces in common. I’m so glad my friend told me about your blog and that we’ve made a connection. You write so well and have me in fits of laughter. Which–btw– equals a great ab workout! 🙂

    I’m sorry Thanksgiving didn’t turn out so well. But, here’s hope for the now-happy-couple on Valentine’s. I’ll be tuning in for more updates!

    I’ll be sure to stay in touch!

    All the best,

      Andrew Williams

      February 22, 2012at 9:55 pm

      WOW QGLENDA! I almost missed this comment!!!

      And I sure don’t want to lose you! We have sooooo much fun and misery in common!!!! Ha!

      But in future, PLEASE contact me through the private email address (on my profile), or on any current post of “The Billionaires Butler”, or I might miss you altogether! (I’ve told the editor to let any comment from you through.)

      I do wish my readers around the world could have read this amazing last comment from you!

      That you laugh when I write is the very most best compliment I could ever get! (what kind of confused English is that?) Ha!

      The abs are all important! And daily workouts are the only thing that keep me sane! You know exactly what I mean.

      Please keep in touch!


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