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Guaranteed to put a smile on your face … these are the most precious little creatures – fox cubs. Tell me, what do you see? Four or five!? The verdict is still out!


kay Nelson

May 16, 2011at 3:07 pm

This is the cutest fox family I have seen!!


    May 16, 2011at 4:36 pm

    I agree, Mom – we’re pretty proud of them!! We keep looking for them to pop up the hill from the den. They’ve been very quiet today. I hope the “play” days aren’t over!!! One of the little guys is real fascinated with our bird feeder – he/she will sit under it and just stare at the container holding the seed. I think their instincts are kicking in! 🙂

Kay Nelson

May 16, 2011at 3:09 pm

SOOOO, foxy are these little critters!!


October 5, 2011at 12:38 pm

OMGoodness!! How cute, and funny to watch them play. No worry about them falling through the pool cover, Bella walks and ‘runs’ on ours all the time chasing whatever moves.. You might want to tape over the hole:-)
I only counted 4. Where’s the 5th(maybe)? Have you ever seen the parents? Makes me want to move to the mountains and ditch the city life.


    October 6, 2011at 6:16 pm

    Those sweet little creatures were pure entertainment for weeks!! We tried to tape over the hole, but it wouldn’t stick. I need to get it repaired. I forgot to do that this summer. Ugh! You can only see 4 on this video coverage, but there were 5. I promise! Yes, we’ve seen the parents. Especially mom – teaching the young ones how to hunt. Very interesting! I’ll have to send you a still pic I took of a sly little one fixing his sights on the bird feeder … if only he could reach that high! 🙂 Too clever! Yes, I too would like to move to the mountains and get away from all this crazy city stuff. I understand animals better than people! 🙂 Thank you for visiting my blog!! Come back real soon, ya hear (was that country enough)! 🙂

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