Help Find Anthony Perruccio – Abducted 9/29/11

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Help Find Anthony Perruccio – Abducted 9/29/11

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Anthony Perruccio - Abducted 9/29/11

Anthony Perruccio - Abducted 9/29/11

My dear friend, Dr. Liz Perruccio, has asked me to please share this request – please help us get the word out by forwarding it to your circle of friends:

“I am sorry to trouble you with this request but I need your urgent help. My sister-in-law Evelyn Perruccio (maiden name Delloro) has abducted her son from his father (my brother, Domenick Perruccio). The authorities have not yet issued an AMBER alert because this is a parental abduction. My precious nephew Anthony was abducted and has been missing since noon yesterday (29 Sept 2011). His mother who has recently demonstrated unstable behavior has taken him. I have attached a picture of Anthony and his mother Evelyn….please circulate this if you can. Anthony is 10 months old and is half Filipino, half Italian.

Evelyn Perruccio and Anthony Perruccio

Evelyn Perruccio and Anthony Perruccio

If anyone knows of any missing children’s organization that can help families or if you know anyone that has either gone through this or might be able to help, even remotely, I would appreciate knowing.

Mother and son were was last seen in Cortlandt Manor, NY, 10567 which is their home town. They may have traveled to Chicago, LA or Philippines.


ABP World Group Ltd.

October 1, 2011at 11:16 am

Qglenda. I`m sorry to read this. To many children are abducted annually.
You can try to contact the National Centre for missing and exploited children :
You can also read our blog for, where we have posted different stories about IPCA International Parental Child Abduction.
I really hope that the child is not abducted to the Philippines, cause they are not a member of the hague convention, and they never return abducted children.

Martin Waage


    October 2, 2011at 10:53 am

    Thank you for your kind and informative note, Martin. Also, a big thanks for sharing the links. I wasn’t aware that the Philippines are not a member of the Hague Convention. I’m hoping and praying that this woman isn’t allowed to get on a flight out of the country with her child. I’ve shared your information with the family. Thanks again. All the best, Glenda


July 14, 2012at 1:01 am

I’m sorry to hear about this. I hope they have found him


    July 16, 2012at 5:12 pm

    Hi Lulu,

    Thank you for your kind note. Yes, they did find sweet little Anthony. His mother was arrested. I’m not sure what’s happening now. But, we were relieved to know that he has been reunited with his father and extended family. I should have posted an update. Please forgive me for that!

    Do take care,

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