The Three Graces by Carole Kent-Kirckof

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The Three Graces by Carole Kent-Kirckof

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The Three Graces - Décor (Beauty), Lapor (Charm) and Partum (Creativity)

The Three Graces - Décor (Beauty), Lapor (Charm) and Partum (Creativity)

My friend, jewelry-designer, and lapidary shop owner, Carole Kent-Kirckof, has launched a Three Graces jewelry line to support a local charity, the Women’s Shelter of Rochester, MN. Here is a link to a lovely article in “Mid-America Jewelry Lines” about her cause, the title is: “Full of grace: Charitable jewelry celebrates the unity of women”.

I plan to purchase a piece from the Three Graces line, I hope you do, too! Here is a link to Carole’s website: “Shelter’s Three Graces”

Carole's First Women's Expo - Fall 2011

Carole's First Women's Expo - Fall 2011

Remember, like Carole says on her website, “One in three women will experience domestic violence in their lifetime. The purchase of this piece will help make a difference. A percentage of all sales will go directly to the Women’s Shelter.” We must support one another. If you want to know more, go to Carole’s website and read their mission. It’s delightful. And, another favorite component for me – Carole is using silver and gold from recycled products! I feel good about that, too!

Way to go, Carole! I’m so proud of you and your cause.


Carole Kent-kirckof

December 3, 2011at 9:30 am

Thanks for your support Glenda. I’m willing to work with any women’s shelter, organization, individuals anywhere in this cause. I am happy to say that we have sent checks, generated by,
to our local women’s shelter, Kansas and one in Tucson, AZ.


    December 3, 2011at 10:00 am

    You are most welcome, Carole! Congrats on supporting the women’s shelters in other states! I’ll do what I can to help you reach all 50 states and further! 🙂 Wow, while I was writing this, I noticed that my friend from Australia (Sydney) is going to buy one of your pieces! How cool is that!?!? You just went global, Carole!! 🙂 Like Sydney said, “The unity of women is global … And domestic violence is a huge issue world wide! Solidarity and celebration! Love your values, your courage, and your collection Carole!”


December 4, 2011at 6:01 pm

WOW…How wonderful and beautiful.
I have that painting in my home! “The Three Graces” Funny, I bought the painting years ago because it reminded me of me, and my two sisters.
Love your cause.
Blessings Sandy


    December 7, 2011at 8:21 am

    No way, Sandy! That’s so cool that you own “The Three Graces” painting!! I love it! 🙂 Wow, small world, huh?! I’m with you, I love Carole’s cause!! You would love Carole … she’s awesome! I wish she lived closer … I only get to see her once a year! 🙁 I wish I could see you and Carole more!

    Have a blessed day, my friend!

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