“My Neighborhood” by Just Vision Media

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“My Neighborhood” by Just Vision Media

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I really want to see this film and the only place it is showing is in New York City (April 18-29, 2012) or Doha, Qatar (April 19-22, 2012). Why won’t theaters in the US show this film? What exactly are people afraid of? Why not show that some Israelis want peace with their neighbors? You sure as hell won’t see peaceful efforts being made on the news in the US. Why?

Please, watch the trailer and then ask your local theater to show this film. As a democracy we have failed to show that we are willing to see both sides of the story. It is time for that to change! What is it Gandhi said? “Be the change you wish to see.”


JesusCamposHernandez (@superzusgw)

July 3, 2012at 10:51 am

For the record the film is making its film festival run and it may end up in a neighborhood near you! It makes its West Coast premiere on July at the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival!


    July 8, 2012at 12:36 pm

    That is great news, Jesus! I hope you are right! I look forward to seeing it!!! 🙂

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