Media Misogyny – Joe Scarborough goes off-the-rails on Mika Brzezinski

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Media Misogyny – Joe Scarborough goes off-the-rails on Mika Brzezinski

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Mika & Joe Fight - it gets ugly!

Mika & Joe Fight – it gets ugly!

To see a 10-minute segment of the 25 minute conversation, click on this link:
Joe Scarborough Goes Off On Mika Brzezinski After She Asserts He’s ‘Being Chauvinistic’

I was outraged this morning by a discussion I heard on Morning Joe between Joe and Mika. It’s been on my mind all day … I’ve spoken to colleagues, read blog posts, and the constant stream of comments. Like Cher, I am steaming mad. Who the hell does Joe Scarborough think he is? He kept talking over Mika, bullying her in an intimidating fashion, snapping his fingers as he continued to railroad the conversation. He was totally unprofessional and lost it on live television. What brought on the meltdown was When Mika suggested that he was acting chauvinistic as he started making jokes and looking at his computer. She did not out-and-out call him a chauvinist, he was merely acting like one and she pointed it out. The same chauvinistic thoughts were running through my head when she said it to him. I also didn’t appreciate the laughter from the other males at the table. Pathetic.

A male friend of mine who watched the interview said that Joe reacted like a pubescent male whose fragile ego had been attacked. Joe got so angry, that he had to retreat to the bathroom to cool down. Hm. Meanwhile, Mika maintained her composure even though she was the one who was under attack.

Men in the media, like Joe (and Chris Matthews), who speak in a condescending tone and do not allow women to speak their minds … are part of the problem. This whole discussion was really about how women lack representation in Washington. Even though women comprise 51% of the population, we only make up 17% of congress and the lack of women in the Cabinet under the Obama Administration’s second term – is disappointing. In fact, very disappointing. However, Joe has no room to stand. He may look as though he believes in equality when he has Mika at his side, but he wasn’t paying her an equal salary (that is, equal to the other men on the show) and she had to sue MSNBC to receive proper pay. Further, the way Joe and other male guests or regulars on the show treat Mika – is pathetic. Their body language and the way they speak to her is not respectful.

Last semester, I conducted a pilot study for a graduate level class. The title of my study was “Media Messages and Female Politicians”. As part of my research I analyzed the documentaries, “Miss Representation” and “Running in High Heels”. I was shocked to learn that the US is so far behind the times and discussions (fights) like the one that played out on Morning Joe today further substantiate the fact that women must stand up for one another, we must have a voice, we must not back down even when bullies like Joe Scarborough are attacking. Kudos to Mika! I doubt I could have stopped myself from slapping Joe. Mika maintained her cool, calm delivery, and once she got the chance to speak uninterrupted, her message came out loud and clear. Well-said, Mika! Let’s keep this discussion going … we need more women to speak up, more women to stand up to bullies like Joe! We need more women in power so that future Cabinet’s have a proper mix of men and women. More than anything – women need to support other women! NOW!

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January 10, 2013at 6:14 pm

I just want to tell Joe practice what you preach.


    January 11, 2013at 12:22 pm

    I agree, Sunil! Maybe you should follow Joe on Twitter and tell him! 🙂

Elizabeth Bennett

January 10, 2013at 6:54 pm

I too was outraged when I saw Scarborough’s behavior this morning. I too have been thinking about it all day and sharing the links of the video with friends and colleagues. The irony is that Scarborough is one of a handful of Republicans who has made the case that the GOP needs to repair its image; today he just reinforced their “so-called” (their words) “war-on women.”


    January 11, 2013at 12:27 pm

    Elizabeth, I’m so glad to hear that you shared links of the confrontation with friends and colleagues. You give me hope! Us girls need to speak up when we see bad behavior and we need to band together to discourage/stop this nonsense. Thank you for pointing out the irony, I had not processed that yet. But, you are right! It’s great to hear from you and I wish you well.

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