We are all brothers and sisters …

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Source: Will Marlow https://www.flickr.com/photos/williammarlow/6084373297/in/set-72157627407199845

We are all brothers and sisters …

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A friend of mine posted the following tweet and it really resonated with me. I do not remember this quote, but I love it and I LIVE IT! And, that’s the key! But, how can we get there on a grander scale? By LIVING IT! We must start living together as brothers and sisters (black/white, Muslim/Jew, Christian/Atheist, straight/gay). Remember, brothers and sisters don’t always get along … we fight and want our own way … but, at the end of the day, we are connected and need each other’s love and care. Please open your heart and let Martin Luther King’s words sink in! I bet you will learn that even though we may have some visual/physical/attitudinal differences … we are far more alike than we are different!

Thank you Rob for posting this tweet! It’s a great thought and one we should all put to practice!

Martin Luther King Memorial at Night [EXPLORE]

Martin Luther King – photo courtesy of William Marlow on Flickr


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