Going Silver: Five Months and No Color

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Five months, close-up no color - March 25, 2014

Going Silver: Five Months and No Color

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My next few posts will include mainly pictures … to chronicle my journey down Silver Linings Lane. I wish I had thought to take more close-ups … but, these pix will show how I enjoyed my life during my transition from golden to gray, or as I like to say … silver! 🙂

What really amazes me about this journey is that people have not noticed that I am letting my hair go gray. If they do notice, they aren’t saying anything to me. What is so obvious to me – isn’t to others. We are definitely harder on ourselves than others. I bring it up all the time and people are like, “Your hair just looks blonde. I don’t see gray” Unbelievable. There is quite a bit of blondish brown stuff, but still. It is so much more obvious to me. This is what I love about the journey … I’m learning to take myself less seriously! Life is so much easier this way … less stress, less worries. We should be grateful to HAVE HAIR. Tons of people who go through chemotherapy know what that means. So, we should be grateful for what God has given us! I know I am!

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