Going Silver: Six Months and No Color

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Six months, no color - April 25, 2014

Going Silver: Six Months and No Color

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It is amazing to look back at the stages of going silver. I was so busy with work and grad school that I didn’t have time to focus on much else. Which is a good thing. I think this phase helped me focus on personal goals versus outward appearances. Over time and with that shift in focus, I began to get in touch with the non-conformist inside of me and I realized how liberating it is to do my own thing. Also, when you take the pressure off yourself to look a certain way, you are more in touch with the present and who you really are underneath the facade. As you can see from the pictures below … I know how to have fun. I can literally let my hair down and shake things up. Interestingly, while shaking my hair around in these pix, you can see the shades of gray taking over. I love it. So, lighten up without the highlights  … be yourself. Claim Susan Jeffers’ mantra: “I am powerful and I love it!” Own your power, own the right to do what you want, and let it fly!

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