Sami Yusuf: The Gift of Love

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Screenshot of music video - Gift of Love

Sami Yusuf: The Gift of Love

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With all of the savagery in the world right now, a glimpse of hope from the Middle East was brought to us by Sami Yusuf … a new song called “The Gift of Love”. Just before Valentine’s Day and in the midst of horror-gripping news items about beheadings and burning people alive we were presented with this amazing song. Unfortunately, even though many of us tweeted and posted about the “The Gift of Love” on social media the song did not generate a peep in the US news cycle. I am bitterly disappointed in that. It is as though the media outlets only want to focus on barbaric acts. How can love spread when we only produce, share, and “like” terror messages? Wake up my friends!

I would prefer to see a song like “Gift of Love” go viral versus some crazy thing said or done by a celebrity. I tried to help “Gift of Love” go viral and was psyched when SamiYusufOfficial retweeted my tweet (see below).

Twitter Screenshot take on Feb 2, 2015

Twitter Screenshot taken on Feb 2, 2015

But, I was very disappointed when I did a google search and realized that the only news items I could find were from news outlets in the Middle East. And, sadly … there were only a few:

Gulf News – “Samii Yusuf Releases his “Gift of Love” (Feb 3, 2015)

Gulf News – “Sami Yusuf’s blessed life” (Feb 5, 2015)

Arab News – “La Giordania unisce le tre fedi in un video di 3 minuti” (Feb 14, 2015)

Humankind better wake up and realize that we can blame the media all we want, but it is also up to each of us to “be the change you wish to see in the world”. How many people in the world know that the first week of February is now observed as World Interfaith Harmony Week? All thanks to King Abdullah II of Jordan, this week has been set aside. It is my hope that next year Sami will come out with a new song and slowly, but surely, a new wave of love will start to encircle the earth. A wave so strong that it will overcome the wave of violence so prominent in our world. I know that when I listen to the Gift of Love and let the interfaith message sink in … it soothes my soul. Please listen to the song and share. It’s never to late to make it go viral! I urge all my friends to listen to it. And, think about the message, let it sink deep into your soul and let it guide you as you interact with others day-to-day. Step by step, we can make a change in this world … it’s up to you and me!

Screenshot of music video - Gift of Love

Screenshot of music video – Gift of Love

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