Going Silver: Eight Months and No Color

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Eight months, no color - June 26, 2014

Going Silver: Eight Months and No Color

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It is really fun to look back  through my photos and see the stages of going silver. This is my eighth month with no color and in these pictures it is still difficult to tell I’m going silver. Of course, these shots were taken with a camera phone and have been seriously cropped, but I think they are a good representation of me enjoying my life and going silver at the same time!

A dear friend of mine from high school is aware of my journey down Silver Linings Lane due to my Facebook posts. This week, she shared with me an article titled, “Gray hair becoming hallmark of coolness“. Well, how cool is that?! In the article, Baltimore City Councilwoman Helen Holton who has beautiful, long gray hair said, “Attitude and presence have a lot more to do with someone thinking that you are older than you are.” Now, isn’t that the truth!? How refreshing. And, I think she looks fabulous. Check her out:

Councilwoman Helen Holton ... Love her hair!

Councilwoman Helen Holton … Love her hair!

Now that I am determined to “go silver” … I find myself striking up conversations with random women who have silver sparkles and I absolutely love the stories they freely share. Today, a woman I met told me about her ‘aha’ moment.  She was closing in on the BIG 5 0 and had been coloring her hair for years. Her silver was so prominent that she had to color her roots every 2 weeks. She was growing weary of the process and demands on her time. One day, while coloring her hair at home some of the dye hit the wall in her bathroom and she couldn’t get the stain out. That was it. Her ‘aha’ moment. She hasn’t colored since and feels so liberated. I just love hearing these impromptu stories. These women are so inspiring to me. I’m so glad I’ve ventured down Silver Linings Lane. And, for those of you who are on the fence … this saying by Robyn O’Brien below might help …

Love this ... and, am living it!

Love this … and, am living it!


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