Going Silver: One Year, No Color

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One year, no color - Oct 18, 2014

Going Silver: One Year, No Color

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I made it … one year and no highlights or lowlights! Unfortunately, these are the only photos I have of that time period. The lighting was awful. That said, it’s really not obvious that I no longer color my hair. I’m so lucky that I do not have the extreme hair color differences that other people deal with. I think such subtle color change makes the process easier. My heart goes out to those who have dark hair … the growing out process is tough. Fortunately, this phase is going fairly well for me.

This week, I ran into a woman at the grocery store and commented on her natural silver look. She said something quite curious. First of all, she thanked me and then, as an after thought said, “You know, I didn’t color my hair because it was expensive, I was too busy raising kids and working. But, I always felt like such a frump compared to all of my friends.” I told her I thought she looked beautiful and her face lit up. So, why is it that we are made to feel “frumpy” when we are accepting our age and the changes that come with it? And, why is it that men are thought to look more distinguished with their salt and pepper. It’s time to turn the table on that fable … 😉

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