Going Silver: Thirteen Months, No Color

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Thirteen months, no color – Nov 29, 2014

Going Silver: Thirteen Months, No Color

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Wow … thirteen months and people still think my hair is “blonde” … of course, the ends are, but the top side is getting pretty silver! That said, Mom and I worked hard on our “photo shoot” to get a shot that showed how silver I really am. I know, I know – we could both use a photography class. But, back to the point … my blonde ends really catch people’s attention. Once they are gone, the true story will be told. I’m using a toner now to even things out … those pictures will be coming soon. For now, please see the pictures below to see the progress at thirteen months. Notice how–in the picture of me by my suv–from a distance I look blonde and that’s with my hair up with the blonde ends tucked away! I’m happy with the transition and thrilled with the response from others.

My advice to others who are on the fence about taking the Silver Linings Path … try it!!! What will it hurt? You can always go back to color. If you do try it, please subscribe to my blog and let me know how the transition going. And, if you decide to blog about it … let me know … I’d like to follow your blog and journey. Remember, we’re in this together.

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