Going Silver: Love it or leave it?

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Fourteen months, no color – Dec 25, 2014

Going Silver: Love it or leave it?

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Another month flew by, which makes 14 months with no highlights or lowlights, yet my hair still looks blonde … in pictures! In person, I see the change. But others, well … they either haven’t notice or decided not to make a big deal out of it. So, this color and aging thing … it’s on my mind a lot! And, apparently … it’s on the minds of a lot of other people … especially young people! There is a trend out there to go silver at a very young age. Go figure!? Are these young people the children of women who color their hair?  Why the obsession?

A friend on Facebook shared the article “Granny hair is the hottest” with me – this page had over one million views! Incredible! That led me to other links and searches. I found #grannyhair on Instagram and what fascinates me are the young faces and silver/gray/grey hair! How weird is it that women who naturally go gray are covering it up while young people with beautiful hair colors are bleaching to look silver/gray/grey?! Humans are strange creatures! This discovery made me wonder what these young people will think when their hair starts to turn silver naturally? What will they do? Will they look back on the days in their twenties when they bleached their hair and chuckle as they color their hair to look like it was in the “good ole days”? Or, will this experiment in their younger days make it easier to accept the natural aging process? What do you think?

Interestingly, the granny hair article had a survey. I took it and what amazes me are the results. Over the years, grey/gray hair has gotten a bad rap by marketers, but I’m beginning to think we can rebrand old age. Check out the results of this poll:

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 3.37.50 AM

83.1K versus 46.3K votes … wow! Which camp are you in? Love it or Leave it? Let me know … I’d love to hear from you! And, please subscribe to my blog or tell others who are thinking of...or, in the process of going silver to follow me and enjoy the journey on Silver Linings Lane!

As always, below are a few pictures to show the monthly change in color:

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