Going Silver: Fifteen Months, No Color

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Fifteen months, no color: Jan 1, 2015

Going Silver: Fifteen Months, No Color

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I made it … fifteen months and no highlights/lowlights! I visited my best friend–Sandy–in Atlanta to bring in the New Year! Sandy took pictures (see below) after we did a functional workout training session. I was a sweaty mess, but at least you can really see the silver. After looking at these pix, I feel like I’m making the transition at the right time. I will miss my blonde locks, that’s for sure. But, I’m willing to discover what I’ve been covering up. It’s kind of exciting … and, it’s interesting to learn how others are adjusting to their new colors. For example, a fellow friend on Silver Linings Lane said the following on Facebook and I can relate:

Screen Shot from Facebook - Edited out name for privacy

Screen Shot from Facebook – Edited out name for privacy

I have found this to be true. For example, my hair color shifts in different lighting. Sometimes I have my doubts when I catch a reflection of myself in bright lights or outdoors. But, I’m determined to keep going … after all, I’ve made it this far!

If you are on the fence about going silver, I’d love to hear from you! Please subscribe to my blog and/or tell others who are thinking of...or, in the process of going silver to subscribe and join me on the journey down Silver Linings Lane!

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