Going Silver: Do you believe me now?

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Seventeen months, no color: Mar 12, 2015

Going Silver: Do you believe me now?

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Finally, some selfies that prove I’m going silver. You can see my old blonde highlights in the bun on my head. Interestingly, there are still strands of blonde around my temples. I’m so glad I started this transition at this time in my life. And, I’m grateful that I always did the highlight/lowlight thing. That way I always knew what was brewing between the highs and lows. I could see those silvers for years – even though others could not, or said they couldn’t.

This week, I read an interesting AARP article, “Going Gray the Right Way” by Jen Reeves. Jen will be featured in one of AARP’s “The Best of Everything” videos that will document her transition to silver. Like me, and so many others, she was tired of the demands of sticking to a color routine. Jen referred to it as the “every-three-week ritual” of touch-ups. Ugh! Who wants that … it’s expensive and time-consuming. So, she took the plunge and now she says, “I am looking forward to being the authentic me. If things go well, I’ll be able to focus on keeping my hair texture healthy but not worry about color for another six months. I’m already less stressed. I don’t have to hide. I’m ready to live openly with my grays!

I love it! See what can happen when you liberate yourself from the societal expectations of looking younger. Be yourself … let your own true beauty show. It’s time to fix our culture’s obsession with youth and enjoy the days that the Maker has given us. We’ll never be worry-free, but we can reduce stress by accepting the fact that we are aging and it’s not a bad thing. In fact, let’s be frank … it’s a privilege to age! How’s that for a new perspective!

While I was reading Jen’s article, I clicked on one of the links and it brought me to a bunch of pictures of celebs/notables who have gone silver. I’ve always admired Christine Lagarde – I think she is beautiful and classy. Women like Christine encouraged me to go for the silver. There are so many beautiful shades of gray out there. It’s amazing! I love to see it and I’m seeing more of it!

Screen Shot of AARP's "Over-50 Shades of Gray" on 2015-05-09

Screen Shot of AARP’s “Over-50 Shades of Gray” on 2015-05-09

So, join me, Jen, Christine, and many others as we accept our age and the changes that come with it! I’d love to hear about your journey, if you decide to go silver. And, if you need some encouragement along the way – subscribe to my blog and join me! I’d love the company! All the best …

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