Going Silver: A graduation of sorts

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Nineteen months, no color: May 29, 2015

Going Silver: A graduation of sorts

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The month of May 2015 marked my 19th month of no highlights and lowlights! I feel as though I am adjusting nicely to my own color. The color changes from day-to-day. It’s almost like my hair has a mood. I never know what I’m going to get: a dark, light, wild, or wiry day.

There is a surprising amount of blonde left. I’m so glad I tried this experiment. My newfound awareness has led me to strike up conversations with other women who have chosen to go with their natural hair color. Recently, I spoke with a woman who said that she was tired of having three colors of hair. She grew so weary of the covering up process and constant appointments with her hair dresser, that she just said, “forget it”. Now, she was getting a special rate because a close friend had colored her hair for 20 years. So, this wasn’t a financial decision. This was about the tri-color and time issue. She was over it.

This woman had streaks of silver in the front that nicely framed her face and dark hair in the back. She looked beautiful, very natural and her hair matched her skin tone. I’m finding that the women who are in this together really support one another. That said, on the going gray online forums I see where women are hurt by their friends who color their hair with comments like “Why do you want to look old?” Or, by comments that people unwittingly make like “Is that your grandchild?” when it is actually their child. Well, as I see it, that’s life. Face, it we aren’t getting any younger. It is … what it is!

I experienced something like that when I went to pick up my graduation gown at the Barnes & Noble/Johns Hopkins bookstore in Baltimore. Yes, I just got my Mid-Life Masters and I’m sure that’s why I have a few extra silver hairs! 😉 While walking into the store, a gentleman asked me, “Is your son or daughter graduating?” He was quite surprised and embarrassed when I said I was the actual graduate. We had a good laugh over it. He apologized, I said there was no need to apologize. I didn’t let his comment bother me. Afterall, it could have been my son or daughter! I am that age and am totally cool with that!

Enough of my rambling! If you are entertaining the idea of going silver … just do it! Join the amazing and growing group of Silver Sisters on Silver Linings Pathway. And, if you want support, sign up for my blog. Let’s do this together. It’s easier when you have support! As always, please see below some pictures – as you can see, the theme this month was graduation, I may have attained my mid-life masters … but, I have a ways to go before I graduate with a full head of silver! I’m up for the challenge, are you?! 🙂

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