Going Silver: 20 Months, No Color

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Twenty months, no color: June 21, 2015

Going Silver: 20 Months, No Color

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I’m starting to really enjoy the color of my hair … this twenty-month journey has been one of ups and downs. But overall, I’m so grateful for my perseverance. One takeaway for me … is that natural blondes have it easier than brunettes when it comes to naturally going silver. That said, my mother is a natural redhead and she also had a smooth transition. Her grays made her hair look blonde making the switch to silver smooth. I’m finding the same thing. After I stopped highlighting/lowlighting it wasn’t such a big deal. I could see the line of demarcation, but others could not. And now, my silver looks like natural highlights.

In fact, recently I had my hair cut and a woman walked up to the desk to pay when I did and said, “I’m admiring your hair – it’s beautiful.” That comment led to a conversation about me going natural and she thought I had just had highlights. How cool is that?! I hope our exchange in the salon made others think about what is possible. I hope they ask themselves, “I wonder what is under my layers of color treatments?” I’m not trying to say that everyone needs to stop coloring their hair, I’m just here to say that there is a real sense of freedom on the other side. No more worries about roots and scheduling appointments to “cover up”. I love the freedom that comes with being who you are … here’s to no more cover up! 🙂

As always, here are a few pictures from my 20th month of no color! With the length of my hair it will take a while to make the full conversion. But, I’m getting there. If you are toying with the idea of naturally going silver … please sign up for my blog, share your thoughts (dark or light – our new out of highlighting and lowlighting – ha), and let’s help each other along the way! Until next month … all the best!

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Jan C.

July 25, 2015at 12:22 pm

Jas’s cousin, age 70, just went silver and she looks fabulous, as do you. And don’t you love the extra dollars in our budget?!

    glenda nelson

    July 28, 2015at 6:07 am

    Hi Jan! Kudos to Jas’s cousin! That’s fantastic! And yes, I love the extra money and time. Oh, and the freedom of no longer having to book an appt when the roots start to show! Woo-hoo! Life is good! As always, it’s great to hear from you!

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