Going Silver: Line of demarcation

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Twenty-two months, no color: Aug 8, 2015

Going Silver: Line of demarcation

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For the people out there who still think I look blonde – here is a picture that shows the line of demarcation!! This was not an easy picture to take – kudos to the photographer! This pic really shows my progress. I love it! I’ve been through a lot to get here. And, as you can see from the pix below … I’m enjoying my journey down Silver Linings Lane.

This past week I was at Bed, Bath, and Beyond picking up some household necessities. I was standing in the checkout line when a slightly-turning-silver woman behind me said,

“Excuse me, I came in here to buy some hair color to touch up my roots. I had decided to let my hair go naturally grey, but because of some not-so-nice comments, I’m having second thoughts. What do you think?”

I’ll never know if she noticed my silver streaks, I didn’t think to ask. I responded with a resounding, “Do what feels right for you. Look at what I’m doing!” And, with that, I pulled out my pony tail and showed her my resplendent shades of silver. We had a short exchange on authenticity, I wish it could have been longer. She was a delightful woman. Since I was ahead of her in line, I do not know if she bought the hair color, or not. I love that she had the courage to speak to me. And, I love providing affirmations, when needed. We’re in this together!

This past week, I read a witty article by Sarah Hampson titled, “I’m fed up with the age-defiance game, so my ‘granny’ hair is staying” … what a great sense of “humor”. Her experience resonated with me. Love these thoughts she shared,

“Women of a certain age like to say how wonderful it is to discover that they don’t care what others think any more. And that’s true. We can spend our lives worrying about how others perceive us as mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, career women, etc. etc. And you reach an age, post 40, where you finally have more confidence in who you are and what you have accomplished.

We believe we’re becoming authentic but that’s the very point when we’re encouraged to cover up what is really happening with our bodies.”

So, for those who are fed-up with covering up, join those of us who are letting our hair down, or as my cover pic displays – shaking things up and having a ball doing it! 🙂 I invite you to subscribe to my blog and join in the conversation. I would love to hear from you. Remember … we’re in this together! Whether you color or not, we’re going silver. That’s the plain and simple truth! Accept it and rock it! 🙂


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August 22, 2015at 1:09 pm

Looking Up!! and looking great!!

    glenda nelson

    August 22, 2015at 7:12 pm

    Thank you! Good point … always looking up! And, in this case, looking for that silver on top! 😉


August 26, 2015at 5:00 pm

Well, dear Glenda, you are certainly looking great and have not a thing to worry about. I stopped coloring my hair 24 years ago because Cran asked me to just after we got married – it was a rather foul shade of yellow. My mother had lovely salt and pepper hair which went white in her 70s and hurray, I have her gray hair color too. I really like it very short and I’ve had lots of compliments. Go for it! Would you ever go really short?

    glenda nelson

    August 27, 2015at 7:00 am

    Hi Carol!! Many thanks for your kind words and for chiming in! That’s awesome that you stopped coloring 24 years ago!! Way to go, Cran! That is so beautiful that your husband encouraged you to stop. I’ve read in several forums that sometimes men encourage women to keep coloring! Wow! Yours is a great story. Love it. Your hair looks great … you are being authentic and that’s what counts. There’s something so liberating about that! At least that’s what I’m learning! Like you, I hope my hair turns out like my dear Mom. There is a lot of silver on both sides … so fingers crossed! Hm?! Would I ever go short? I don’t think so … I’m short in stature and that’s enough! ha ha! But, you never know … one day I might get a ‘wild hare’ or “wild hair’ and cut it off! Time will tell. As always, great to hear from you, Carol!! You, my mom and others have been such an inspiration to me! Many thanks. 🙂

Teresa Mikelson

November 13, 2016at 11:19 am

Your hair is beautiful. I love the pics on your blog.

    glenda nelson

    November 13, 2016at 1:11 pm

    Thank you for your kind words, Teresa! I’ve enjoyed discovering my natural color! And, it always seems to change! So glad you enjoyed the pics!! 🙂

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