Going Silver: A Youthful Perspective

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Twenty-three months, no color: Sep 25, 2015

Going Silver: A Youthful Perspective

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It’s been almost two years since I started this journey down Silver Linings Lane. I’m not all silver, yet. In fact, I’m surprised how much dirty blonde is still coming out. Fortunately, it frames my face well for a smooth transition (as you can see in the featured image). Scroll down to see some close-up shots of my shining silver! Look for the big silver streak at the back of my head! I hope it’s a precursor … 🙂

In my humble opinion, learning to love yourself…in your natural state…is a whole new way of relating to yourself that is much more fulfilling than trying to cover up who you are. I can’t describe it. But, I’m glad I did it!

Last weekend, I went shopping with a friend who is my age. We went into BCBG in Chevy Chase (MD) just to look. We ended up trying on a few items. As we were checking out, we had an interesting exchange with two young girls who worked there. They were both in their 20s. We started out with normal chitchat about how good the outfits looked on us … I expressed surprise that my new grey shirt looked quite good with my silver hair. The lights over the register were very bright and both of the girls agreed and said they “loved my hair color”! Woo-hoo! Silver hair victory shuffle at the checkout counter!

Then, the young women started to talk about how young celebrities are coloring their hair grey … how it is a fad and they think it’s cool. The more they talked the more it hit me … they are so lucky to have this healthy way of looking at aging. I’m so proud of women who are standing up to the “norms” and feeling comfortable in their own skin. And, I’m so grateful that my mother showed me how to age gracefully and enjoy the process! We only get one chance at this thing called life … so I’m going to enjoy every phase and savor each step … and, in my case … silver step!

So, if it’s the right time for you … join me! Subscribe to my blog. I would love to hear from you. Remember … we’re in this together! Whether you color or not, we’re going silver. That’s the plain and simple truth! Accept it and enjoy the journey! 🙂

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