Going Silver: Made it Two Years – NO COLOR!!

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Twenty-four months, no color: Oct 20, 2015

Going Silver: Made it Two Years – NO COLOR!!

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I’m so proud of myself for embracing my age and accepting the changes that come with it! I feel as though the entire Universe is celebrating my two years of no highlights/lowlights. I have had nothing but awesome compliments this month! Some from people I know and some from strangers. I’ve had so many compliments that I feel like a Silver Selebrity! 😉 These comments came from people ages 23 to 70+, a mix of men and women, several different nationalities, and from varied backgrounds. I’m walking on a cloud of silver! Check out the photo gallery below!!

I was in Minnesota recently and a dear friend I hadn’t seen in a year asked if I had just highlighted my hair. My response was, “These are natural, sparkly silver highlights from God above!” Her response in a beautiful British accent was, “Well done!” This conversation took place on the tarmac at the airport in full sun! Other conversations took place in low light settings and I was quick to say I’ve had no highlights or lowlights in two years – these are natural highlights! 🙂 It’s awesome! And, guess what!? Men of all ages still give me a double-take!!

The more I accept my age the more confident I am. Let’s face it … none of us are getting out of here alive. We are not Methuselah! Further, we are more than just a physical form and must drop the attachment. That doesn’t mean we should stop taking care of ourselves. In fact, I see this as an act of love and compassion for my body – less chemicals and stress worrying about my roots and appearance! On that high note … lighten your load … enjoy your time on this planet … none of us know how long we have to enjoy this time! Get out of the salon and see the brilliant blue sky, go for a walk and listen to the birds, watch a brilliant sunrise or sunset! God is a much better highlighter and lowlighter … notice the nuances of nature and let them steal your breath away before you have no breath left!

Join me on this journey down Silver Linings Lane … subscribe to my blog, share your thoughts and worries. We’ve all had them! We can do this together! Yes, we can!

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Kay Nelson

October 26, 2015at 9:09 am

For sure, Yes U can!

    glenda nelson

    October 27, 2015at 4:33 am

    Yes, if YOU can do it … so can I! 🙂

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