Going Silver: Natural Highlights

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Twenty-five months, no color: Nov 3, 2015

Going Silver: Natural Highlights

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to declare how grateful I am for the natural highlights bestowed upon me. Were it not for my non-conformist courage to stop highlighting/lowlighting, I would not have known the true beauty woven into the many strands of hair by the Great Creator.

About a week ago, I sauntered into my chiropractor’s office and signed-in at the front desk under the bright office lights. The two women at the reception desk commented on my hair, the color, how healthy it looked, and how it shined under the lights. So, I shared my Going Silver story with them. They were shocked that my hair was “all-a-naturale”! One said it looked as though I had just been to the salon for highlights. And I said, “No need! God did it for me!” 😉 This led to a conversation on culture and the pressure for women to look a certain way. The two women have dark hair and lamented that it is much more difficult for those with dark hair. That us blondes have it easier. They have a point.

Twenty-five months, no color: Nov 1, 2015; Check out those natural highlights from the top!!

Twenty-five months, no color: Nov 1, 2015; Check out those natural highlights from the top!!

That said, I had an interesting encounter that made me question their response. I was sitting at an outside café sipping a latte while waiting for my car to be serviced at the shop. I was reading a book, but looked up each time someone approached the front door of the café. It was an interesting mix of people, all of whom I exchanged pleasantries. But, there was one that I wish I had taken more time to engage with. It was a middle-aged, dark-haired woman who had the most beautiful mix of silver! She was aglow … she radiated confidence, happiness, vivaciousness, and kindness. I wish I could roll back time and ask for her Silver Story! I need to go back to that café soon … maybe I’ll run into her again. That’s the kind of Silver Role Model I want to be … one that inspires others to be who they are! There is a profound sense of beauty in authenticity!

In contrast, I see other pasty women with skin stretched back on their face and bright bottle-colored hair as they attempt to reach back in time to a day that has passed them by. Why?! Grasp the moment you are in … revel in the beauty around you! And, don’t buy into the cultural norms that tell you aging = ugly and over. Look around you and see the Silver Haired women (and men) out there who are simply radiant and totally enjoying the present moment! And, look in the mirror … see the beauty and rock it!

On that high note, let me ask you once again to join me on this journey down Silver Linings Lane … check out my Silver Linings photos to see my journey, subscribe to my blog, share your thoughts (this includes my Bestie for the Restie) and worries. We’ve all had them! We can do this together!

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