Going Silver and Ageism

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Thirty-five months, no color: Sep 29, 2016

Going Silver and Ageism

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My thirty-five month journey down Silver Linings Lane has opened my eyes to how ageist our culture is in America. In “This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism”, Ashton Applewhite writes, “Although we age in different ways and at different rates, everyone wakes up a day older.” Well, well … isn’t that the truth and something we all need to ponder!? She goes on to say, “Longevity is here to stay. Everyone is aging. Ending ageism benefits us all.” I concur!

Blogging about my “Going Silver” journey is a way of standing up and saying … enough of looking at silver strands as something unattractive and in need of covering up. Enough of the shame. Be proud of the silver, it’s your shiny medal for living a long life. Think of all the people six-feet-under who would love to trade places with you right now. Get over the drama and live in the present.

Tune out the anti-aging ads for creams and cover ups to disguise WHO YOU ARE! Like Applewhite says, “The next time you see a product touting its “anti-aging” prowess, remember that “anti-aging” actually means “anti-living”! Wow! That is so true! I’d encourage you to purchase Applewhite’s book and look into Atul Gawande’s book, “Being Mortal”. And, google Dr. Bill Thomas’s website and check out his: The Age of Disruption Tour: What if nearly everything we think we know about aging is wrong.

If you need more encouragement, here’s another Pro-Age person, I’ve mentioned Cindy Joseph many times throughout the years, check out her video on ageism (below). She rocks!

Ageism We Commit Against Ourselves…

You are not alone! We are not alone! There is a tribe of Pro-Age Revolutionaries out there! Join us. Wear your age as an honor badge! Stand tall, raise your voice, show how amazing you are and what age has to offer the masses! Let’s be frank about our age, talk about it … check out what Applewhite had to say in her last blog post. It’s time to unpack the age-related baggage, process what it has done to our culture, evaluate how we unconsciously perpetuate ageism, and with that awareness educate others. It’s possible. With awareness and mindfulness, individually we humans can rewire the way we think and start new patterns that will spread. Join the revolutionaries I’ve mentioned above … I am!

As always, see below some pictures of my 35th month of no highlights and lowlights! Check out my natural highlights in the back. Is that cool or what?! It’s me … ala natural!

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