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Thirty-six months, no color Oct 28, 2016

Going Silver: 3 years and NO COLOR!

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I made it … three years with no highlights or lowlights! What you see is my natural color: my own highlights! If you check out the photo gallery below you will see the magnificent colors that appear under different lighting and in various settings. I still have my moments when I look in the mirror and wonder who the heck that is … but, more often than not I look in the mirror and say, “Dang girl, you look great!”

The picture below, was taken on November 5, 2013. I hope to recreate the shot in the next few weeks. Let’s hope the fall colors cooperate, so I can share “before and after” photos soon! It’s so exciting to get to this point and I’m proud of myself for persevering! I’ve met some naysayers along the way, but far more people have encouraged me to buck the cover-up trend and to “be me”! I’m so glad I did, because I am much more confident today than I was back in 2013. Further, this process of digging under the layers of cover-up has made me realize that deep down, I am truly awesome and do not need to hide! In fact, I learned to celebrate my sparkly silver strands as a badge of honor for a life well-lived! And, I encourage you to do the same!

Going Silver: Highlight, Lowlight, Nolight

Fall has always been my favorite time of year, but even more so now … as I move into the “fall” period of life … I find it is a time of reflection and celebration. What an awesome opportunity to look inwards, to discover the richness that life experiences offer, and to shine and sparkle with all my silver might! How refreshing, exhilarating, and empowering! So, to all you wonderful people who are on the fence about letting those silvers shine … I say, buck the trends and be yourself. It will change your outlook on life, you will learn to love yourself THE WAY YOU ARE and, as a result, you will love others in a much more vibrant way!

And, if you need some encouragement along the way … sign up for my blog! I plan to keep posting about my experience. I run into people on a daily basis who are ready to give up coloring their hair … you are not alone! So many are afraid! I realize a lot of people just need to see their friends and neighbors standing strong and accepting their age and everything that comes with it! So, join me and many others on this journey down Silver Linings Lane!

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Twenty-seven months, no color: Jan 22, 2016

Going Silver: And Your Friends

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Sharing my journey down Silver Linings Lane hasn’t been easy–it takes courage to stand up to social norms. Recently, a dear friend of mine confirmed that speaking out and setting an example is a good thing. Check out her Facebook post:

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.35.25 AM

Wow, I inspired my friend! I’ve heard this from others–privately–but, was overjoyed to see Valerie’s post on Facebook. Our story has a unique twist. You see, Valerie inspired me–years ago. When I met Valerie we were in our 20s and she had prematurely gray hair. I thought it was cool, she carried it well, and looked great! When I considered going natural, I thought about Valerie and how good she looked with silver strands back in the day. Here are some pictures of us back in the 90s.

Glenda and Valerie in 1992

Glenda and Valerie in 1992 – You can’t really see the gray in this pic, but you can in the next. I just wanted to show us together!

Valerie in 1992

Valerie in 1992 – Now, you can see the silver streaks!

And, here is my response to Valerie’s post and her story in her-own-words …

Screen Shot 2016-01-15 at 8.39.29 AM (1)

And, this is my beautiful friend now … on her way back down Silver Linings Lane.

My friend Valerie

My friend Valerie

We each have our own way of moving through this phase, but I have found a common theme. Once we’re on a roll, we see the stunning silver, and want a full head of it! Valerie told me, “I’m getting impatient already! My gray coming in is so pretty!! I do plan to eventually have a few lowlights periodically to break up the totalness, but it will be so much healthier and require less maintenance. I’m very excited for the journey.” And, so am I … for those of you who aren’t so sure about going silver. Just do it! There are others like me and Valerie who are happy to support you! Please subscribe to my blog and feel free to share your thoughts and emotions along the way. You will experience a lot of them – good and bad. We all have! But, it’s worth it … you will see! I’d love to hear from you! Let’s do this!

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Twenty-one months, no color: July 28, 2015

Going Silver: Shades of Silver and Gold

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I’m closing in on the two-year, no-color mark … and, I am psyched! So far, I’ve resisted the urge to follow the crowd and continue the high- and low-light game. It’s taken a lot of soul-searching and struggling with who I am. I have a lot of questions. Why do we throw away our youth … and then struggle to hold onto it? Why are we so caught up in thought … that we miss the present moment? Think less, live more! I’m trying to veer away from that incessant voice in my head telling me I’m not good enough. I’m trying to accept myself just the way I am. And that means living in the moment with gratitude and grace while embracing the real me.

This period of reflection has brought me back in touch with my youth. For example, when I was young, I used to love to swim. I would go underwater and then stand up with my hair in front of my face and marvel at the many colors of hair in the sunlight. Well, I am doing the same thing now, minus the swimming part. 🙂 I look at my hair in different lighting and see so many awesome colors. I love it! Each angle provides a different type of color. I’m blessed. This transition was easier than I thought it would be, but (IMHO) that is because I have chosen to accept the changes of aging. It is, what it is …

Speaking of changing colors … check out the photos below … they were taken minutes apart. Three inside, three outside. The outside pix show my hair color in a whole new light! I just love the silver streaking through … I think it will be magnificent when all my hair is silver. Until then, I’ll treasure the silver streaks! If you are thinking of naturally going silver … please sign up for my blog, share your thoughts (dark or light – my new way of highlighting and lowlighting – ha), and let’s help each other along the way! Until next month … all the best!

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Twenty months, no color: June 21, 2015

Going Silver: 20 Months, No Color

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I’m starting to really enjoy the color of my hair … this twenty-month journey has been one of ups and downs. But overall, I’m so grateful for my perseverance. One takeaway for me … is that natural blondes have it easier than brunettes when it comes to naturally going silver. That said, my mother is a natural redhead and she also had a smooth transition. Her grays made her hair look blonde making the switch to silver smooth. I’m finding the same thing. After I stopped highlighting/lowlighting it wasn’t such a big deal. I could see the line of demarcation, but others could not. And now, my silver looks like natural highlights.

In fact, recently I had my hair cut and a woman walked up to the desk to pay when I did and said, “I’m admiring your hair – it’s beautiful.” That comment led to a conversation about me going natural and she thought I had just had highlights. How cool is that?! I hope our exchange in the salon made others think about what is possible. I hope they ask themselves, “I wonder what is under my layers of color treatments?” I’m not trying to say that everyone needs to stop coloring their hair, I’m just here to say that there is a real sense of freedom on the other side. No more worries about roots and scheduling appointments to “cover up”. I love the freedom that comes with being who you are … here’s to no more cover up! 🙂

As always, here are a few pictures from my 20th month of no color! With the length of my hair it will take a while to make the full conversion. But, I’m getting there. If you are toying with the idea of naturally going silver … please sign up for my blog, share your thoughts (dark or light – our new out of highlighting and lowlighting – ha), and let’s help each other along the way! Until next month … all the best!

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Nineteen months, no color: May 29, 2015

Going Silver: A graduation of sorts

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The month of May 2015 marked my 19th month of no highlights and lowlights! I feel as though I am adjusting nicely to my own color. The color changes from day-to-day. It’s almost like my hair has a mood. I never know what I’m going to get: a dark, light, wild, or wiry day.

There is a surprising amount of blonde left. I’m so glad I tried this experiment. My newfound awareness has led me to strike up conversations with other women who have chosen to go with their natural hair color. Recently, I spoke with a woman who said that she was tired of having three colors of hair. She grew so weary of the covering up process and constant appointments with her hair dresser, that she just said, “forget it”. Now, she was getting a special rate because a close friend had colored her hair for 20 years. So, this wasn’t a financial decision. This was about the tri-color and time issue. She was over it.

This woman had streaks of silver in the front that nicely framed her face and dark hair in the back. She looked beautiful, very natural and her hair matched her skin tone. I’m finding that the women who are in this together really support one another. That said, on the going gray online forums I see where women are hurt by their friends who color their hair with comments like “Why do you want to look old?” Or, by comments that people unwittingly make like “Is that your grandchild?” when it is actually their child. Well, as I see it, that’s life. Face, it we aren’t getting any younger. It is … what it is!

I experienced something like that when I went to pick up my graduation gown at the Barnes & Noble/Johns Hopkins bookstore in Baltimore. Yes, I just got my Mid-Life Masters and I’m sure that’s why I have a few extra silver hairs! 😉 While walking into the store, a gentleman asked me, “Is your son or daughter graduating?” He was quite surprised and embarrassed when I said I was the actual graduate. We had a good laugh over it. He apologized, I said there was no need to apologize. I didn’t let his comment bother me. Afterall, it could have been my son or daughter! I am that age and am totally cool with that!

Enough of my rambling! If you are entertaining the idea of going silver … just do it! Join the amazing and growing group of Silver Sisters on Silver Linings Pathway. And, if you want support, sign up for my blog. Let’s do this together. It’s easier when you have support! As always, please see below some pictures – as you can see, the theme this month was graduation, I may have attained my mid-life masters … but, I have a ways to go before I graduate with a full head of silver! I’m up for the challenge, are you?! 🙂

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Seventeen months, no color: Mar 12, 2015

Going Silver: Do you believe me now?

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Finally, some selfies that prove I’m going silver. You can see my old blonde highlights in the bun on my head. Interestingly, there are still strands of blonde around my temples. I’m so glad I started this transition at this time in my life. And, I’m grateful that I always did the highlight/lowlight thing. That way I always knew what was brewing between the highs and lows. I could see those silvers for years – even though others could not, or said they couldn’t.

This week, I read an interesting AARP article, “Going Gray the Right Way” by Jen Reeves. Jen will be featured in one of AARP’s “The Best of Everything” videos that will document her transition to silver. Like me, and so many others, she was tired of the demands of sticking to a color routine. Jen referred to it as the “every-three-week ritual” of touch-ups. Ugh! Who wants that … it’s expensive and time-consuming. So, she took the plunge and now she says, “I am looking forward to being the authentic me. If things go well, I’ll be able to focus on keeping my hair texture healthy but not worry about color for another six months. I’m already less stressed. I don’t have to hide. I’m ready to live openly with my grays!

I love it! See what can happen when you liberate yourself from the societal expectations of looking younger. Be yourself … let your own true beauty show. It’s time to fix our culture’s obsession with youth and enjoy the days that the Maker has given us. We’ll never be worry-free, but we can reduce stress by accepting the fact that we are aging and it’s not a bad thing. In fact, let’s be frank … it’s a privilege to age! How’s that for a new perspective!

While I was reading Jen’s article, I clicked on one of the links and it brought me to a bunch of pictures of celebs/notables who have gone silver. I’ve always admired Christine Lagarde – I think she is beautiful and classy. Women like Christine encouraged me to go for the silver. There are so many beautiful shades of gray out there. It’s amazing! I love to see it and I’m seeing more of it!

Screen Shot of AARP's "Over-50 Shades of Gray" on 2015-05-09

Screen Shot of AARP’s “Over-50 Shades of Gray” on 2015-05-09

So, join me, Jen, Christine, and many others as we accept our age and the changes that come with it! I’d love to hear about your journey, if you decide to go silver. And, if you need some encouragement along the way – subscribe to my blog and join me! I’d love the company! All the best …

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Sixteen months, no color: Feb 28, 2015

Going Silver: How to save money and be trendy

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This week, I heard from two male friends about the turning gray trend, or as some call it, the “Granny Hair” trend! My friend Steffen, sent me a link from a German website and his message was, “You are in trend without spending any money”. So, Lady Gaga, Hilary Duff, Jourdan Dunn, Pink, and more have done it! Interesting …

Screen Shot of 'Granny Hair'-Trend: So entseht der Look mit den grauen Haaren

Screen Shot of ‘Granny Hair’-Trend: So entseht der Look mit den grauen Haaren

I love what Steffen said and it’s so true! I didn’t realize–when I started this journey–that this was a trend, but the reality is … I’m lucky I don’t have to spend any money to be trendy and I’m not damaging my hair in the process. I’m really shocked that young girls are doing this and find it fascinating. I wish I could talk to someone who has done it or is considering the long and expensive process of going grey so young.

Apart from that, my friend Sunil sent me the following link from People Magazine which is also about stars who have died their hair gray:

Screen Shot of "Stars Who Went Gray (on Purpose!)"

Screen Shot of “Stars Who Went Gray (on Purpose!)”

Most of the Twitter responses were negative and I get that. I’m not sure why young people would want to color their hair gray. After watching the video of the process and reading up on how damaging it is for your hair, I don’t think it’s wise. But, ‘to each her own’!! Very interesting though … again, I want to know WHY!

Screen Shot from Twitter 2015-05-02 at 7.50.55 AM

Screen Shot from Twitter 2015-05-02 at 7.50.55 AM

So, since I am doing this Silver Thing the natural way … which I think is the best for your overall health and especially that of your hair … I have shared some pix below that really show the progression to silver. Lighting matters … as you will notice in the Feb 8 pictures. Also, there’s a big difference (to me) when I have my old blonde highlights draped in front versus held back. And so, the journey down Silver Linings Lane continues … so far, so good! 🙂 And, now that I’ve learned I’m saving money and in-trend … I feel even better about my new look!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts about going silver no matter what age you are … and please subscribe to my blog! Let’s do this together!

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Fifteen months, no color: Jan 1, 2015

Going Silver: Fifteen Months, No Color

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I made it … fifteen months and no highlights/lowlights! I visited my best friend–Sandy–in Atlanta to bring in the New Year! Sandy took pictures (see below) after we did a functional workout training session. I was a sweaty mess, but at least you can really see the silver. After looking at these pix, I feel like I’m making the transition at the right time. I will miss my blonde locks, that’s for sure. But, I’m willing to discover what I’ve been covering up. It’s kind of exciting … and, it’s interesting to learn how others are adjusting to their new colors. For example, a fellow friend on Silver Linings Lane said the following on Facebook and I can relate:

Screen Shot from Facebook - Edited out name for privacy

Screen Shot from Facebook – Edited out name for privacy

I have found this to be true. For example, my hair color shifts in different lighting. Sometimes I have my doubts when I catch a reflection of myself in bright lights or outdoors. But, I’m determined to keep going … after all, I’ve made it this far!

If you are on the fence about going silver, I’d love to hear from you! Please subscribe to my blog and/or tell others who are thinking of...or, in the process of going silver to subscribe and join me on the journey down Silver Linings Lane!

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One year, no color - Oct 18, 2014

Going Silver: One Year, No Color

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I made it … one year and no highlights or lowlights! Unfortunately, these are the only photos I have of that time period. The lighting was awful. That said, it’s really not obvious that I no longer color my hair. I’m so lucky that I do not have the extreme hair color differences that other people deal with. I think such subtle color change makes the process easier. My heart goes out to those who have dark hair … the growing out process is tough. Fortunately, this phase is going fairly well for me.

This week, I ran into a woman at the grocery store and commented on her natural silver look. She said something quite curious. First of all, she thanked me and then, as an after thought said, “You know, I didn’t color my hair because it was expensive, I was too busy raising kids and working. But, I always felt like such a frump compared to all of my friends.” I told her I thought she looked beautiful and her face lit up. So, why is it that we are made to feel “frumpy” when we are accepting our age and the changes that come with it? And, why is it that men are thought to look more distinguished with their salt and pepper. It’s time to turn the table on that fable … 😉

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Going Silver: Eleven Months, No Color

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Well, well … I made it to eleven months! Almost a year without highlights/lowlights! And, the cool part … you really have to zoom in to see any silver sticking out! 🙂

In this picture, I am hanging out with some dear friends who live too far away … we all went to high school a “few” years ago! What an awesome group! And, what a spectacular afternoon/evening we all shared together! God is good! I thank God on a daily basis for the gift of age … and the opportunity to make more memories with wonderful friends! Life is good … even if you are going silver! 🙂

If you are inspired to try a trip down Silver Linings Lane, I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Also, please subscribe to my blog. Let’s do this together!

Eleven months, no color - Sept 6, 2014

Eleven months, no color – Sept 6, 2014

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