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Annie G

January 1, 2016at 8:34 pm

Glenda, I linked from Sharon Danley’s site; your blog was very well written, and I agree with you….the construct of American beauty is skewed. And I do not say that from bitterness, just observation. I am grateful that my 3 daughters do not struggle to meet a norm that is not for them. Love the idea that we can change things. I love my silver….and have learned to love my curls. But at almost 64 I am also content and at peace with me — the good, the bad, and the ugly. I wouldn’t be 24 again for anything. (Except to live long enough to see all my grandkids grow up). Thanks for sharing. Annie

    glenda nelson

    January 5, 2016at 6:00 am

    Hi Annie! Thank you for your kind words about my blog. 🙂 It is so refreshing to hear from someone who is comfortable in her own skin. Your precious daughters/grandkids are so blessed to have you as a mom/grandma! I’m so with you on accepting ourselves the way we are! I wish I had always felt that way, I’ll have to admit, it took me a while because I bought into the media messages of lack. That said, now that I’m in-the-know, I think it is important for those of us who feel this way to express ourselves with confidence. Thank you for your comment. I hope to hear from you again! I love your attitude! All the best!

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